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Reward points can be purchased and used within BeProSoftware.com for various products and services. This is a great value saver since purchasing points on BeProSoftware.com costs less than their value.

USE POINTS ON BeProSoftware.com

Specifically, you can use points for:

  • Posting and applying for job opportunities
  • Purchasing products and services in our shop
  • Access to protected content like downloads

The terms of the points will stay the same for the life of the points. These include:

  • Conversion rate is 1 to 1 with USD
  • Points do not expire
  • Points are non refundable


Your balance changes as you use points within the website. Its a smart idea to check your balance. We show the total remaining as well as the points deduction activity. You can view your balance and points activity at any time via

  • My Accounts page – On everyone’s my accounts page, there is a copy of your points balance
  • Checkout page – Your balance is also shown in relation to shopping activities. For example, you will be notified of your points balance during the checkout process when purchasing a product.
  • Sidebar – A summary of your points can be seen in the sidebar of beprosoftware.com once logged in


Reward points are a great way and in some ways, the only way, to purchase products and services on our website. Purchasing points is a great value proposition since they cost less to buy than their value.

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