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    I have the submission page that the plugin automatically installed with the plugin. I have the cart installed and setup. I have gone through the support forums and i believe all settings are accurate. I have the ajax feature of form builder turned on. While on the submissions page two packages show up, i select a package and the submission form correctly pops up. I fill in the form and click submit listing button. One of two things happen when i do this. I saw in the support forum to add the redirect to the short code, when i do this the form is saved and i am redirected to the checkout page with an empty shopping cart. If i do not use the redirect in the shortcode when i click submit form button a message pops up saying listing saved. With both methods orders are not recognized in the cart, however both methods result in the listing showing up under the all listings tab as pending. I have also tried putting the bepro cart widget on the submission page, but when you select a package the cart is not updated.


    I read this post in the forum…

    i followed these rules. After the first try it did not work. I went back into the form builder to make sure everything was accurate. The form (#1) and form builder was now blank. Just a white screen. I tried a couple things on the submission page to make sure the shortcodes were accurate and they were. So i went back to form builder and deleted form 1 since it was no longer able to be accessed. I created a new form #2 and tried everything in the above forum post again. The listing was submitted and the message was listing saved with no redirect to the shopping cart. What should i try next?


    I have gone through more of your support tickets and read alot more from your frustrated customers about the support offered here. I think it would save you and all of your customers time if you offered examples to peoples problems rather than send them to your generic email forms. As frustrating as it is working with this product and these support forums it looks like when working this isnt all that bad of a software. Maybe if the support offered solutions people would be able to fix their issues without bothering you and maybe you would get some referral business.

    I am trying to have my viewers select a package on the submission page form, fill out form, with the 3 required fields as noted in documentation, click submit and be redirected to the shopping cart, that shows the balance owed as it pertains to the package they selected. Once they pay their listing is live.

    This is the shortcode i am using
    [create_listing_form bl_form_id=”2″ register= ‘1’ redirect=”/checkout/”]

    I have tried using ” ” around everything, ‘ ‘ around everything, and entering the full URL of shopping cart. NOTHING WORKS. Continues to just say listing successfully saved, or redirected to an empty shopping cart.

    Also is there a way to back up the custom form files from the page builder? I have already lost forms once, and it looks like this happens to others.


    In one of the support forums regarding the form submission it says 3 fields are needed.

    Its says mark fields as “username” “password” “email”. After doing exactly that and trying to submit a form the formbuilder goes blank and i lose the forms again. While reading through more support i saw a post that said using special characters can cause problems to the form builder. Might be helpful for others to know this may corrupt your form builder. Dont use the ” ” in the field name.



    Good to hear that you have observed us helping customers over the past year as we have continued to add lots of great NEW features to the form builder. We are also proud that we send frustrated customers to further free support when they have exhausted our existing documentation and potentially have a new unique issue

    Have you tried our BePro Listings troubleshooting tips? Also, do you have the redirect to cart option selected in the BePro Cart admin?

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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