The stock BePro Listings form allows users to register via the use of a registration option in the shortcode. For the form builder, you will need to create the three fields yourself.


To add the ability for users to register with their form submission, you need to add three fields to your form. Specifically, you want to add

  • Text Field with the Field Name “username”
  • Password field with the default Field Name “password”
  • Email field with the default Field Name “email”

That’s it, you are done. The Form Builder will do the rest like hiding those fields from logged in users and on the details page. This mimics the registration option provided by the stock form and is a great way to get new users to register with their listing submission.


The Form Builder is a great way to extend the stock BePro Listings front end form. As described in this article, you can also setup the registration features in your custom forms. This is just another great example of the flexibility provided by our form builder.

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