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    I’m happy to say I have purchased the real estate and vehicle addons (to compliment the form builder and origami).

    Bad news for you as I will be posting continuously until I have worked it all out!

    I have some questions to begin with using the real estate addon as an example:

    1. The first thing I did was complete a listing submission form using form builder (form ’11’) and under categories excluded all other categories except for the required one. Then added that form to a user submission page.
    (When you look at the list of forms i.e. Shortcode, #Fields, #Listings, Created I notice that in all my self made forms that #Fields is ‘0’. The default form however says there is #Fields ’17’. Why is this?)

    The next thing I did was create a listing page for the results from ‘Form 11’ to be generated with these shortcodes:

    [generate_map bl_form_id=11]
    [display_listings bl_form_id=11]

    So user submits form 11 > Form 11 results should then show on that listing page?

    It should. The only place I can see my test listings is on the recent listings widget. They are not being generated on the real estate page.

    I have searched high and low through your forums and documentation for all my answers but not getting very far. Hence the huge amounts of support topics I am posting.

    2. On adding the realestate form field, it is not generated in the published form. I’m not really sure what I have paid for buying the real estate and vehicle add ons? The only difference I can see is an extra form field in the form builder. I purchased them thinking it would make life easier my end but it’s not. I presumed much more support from the plugins through admin. And am totally at a loss as to how Origami can help, even though I fully understand what it is meant to do!

    Can you point me in the direction of more detailed documentation on how to get these working as i’m following every last small bit of info that is offered to no avail, and i’m too impatient to wait for support to get back to me. Especially when I am on a time constraint and when my questions are answered they sometimes are not fully addressed.

    Many thanks! Once I work this out i’ll be well on my way!!


    Also just noticed that when I use the search filter forms via shortcuts it is offering the vehicle filters. I cant seem to tailor it just to concentrate on real estate? Would be much better to have a search filter that is just to search real estate options.


    Just thought, does the ajax come into this?


    I’ve just purchased the contact form too… how do i edit this? Rather than displaying the advertisers personal contact details on individual listings I was hoping the contact form could remedy that.
    So if someone wanted to contact the listing author about the property advertised the contact form should send as an email to that specific author, the email displaying automatically what property they are enquiring about. Eliminating the need to display personal contact information about the author.

    Or that’s how I interpreted it. Where do I go to adjust these settings?

    Thank you



    Would you consider filling out a questionaire about your experience? We give reward points for every completed questionaire. Then you can use the points towards any products or services we sell on this site. Its a win win, we learn and improve, you get more help.

    1. We are working on isolating that field number issue. Another forum member has identified it and we have a working example of the issue

    When a user submits to form 11, the listing should show up when referenced how you stated. However, now you are using Origami, so try adding the origami tag “blr” e.g. [display_listings bl_form_id=11 origami=”blr”] . Checkout this article

    2a) As you have stated, there is a vehicle search filter. The Form Builder would not provide this. There are several other features that the Form Builder will never provide.

    2b) Origami will fix the issue you have stated, where the vehicle filter is showing up on the wrong page. Add the origami tag to the search filter shortcode or if you are using the widget option, there will be an option to set its origami tag there.

    3) Thanks for your purchases and you are right about the Contacts addon. In the admin (BePro Listings->Addons) you will see a Contacts tab. There you should select the “Email Author?” option.

    BePro Software Team

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