A real classifieds website showcases several different types of Directory information at the same time. You can do this for FREE with BePro Listings and wordpress multisite. Those that prefer to run one website and separate our various niche directory solutions, we offer our Origami addon. Two ways that BePro Listings can help you to manage, business, real estate, vehicles, and any other type of directory information.


When we think of popular classifieds websites, we think of multiple categories of information including, real estate, vehicles, pets, business, etc. More importantly, these types of information are separated into sections which are focused on their specific information. I.E. vehicle listings don’t show real estate information

BePro Listings is the only wordpress directory plugin which allows you to do exactly this. BePro Listings is multisite compatible in its FREE base stock form. We also create various solutions for featuring niche information like our  Real EstateVehicles and our Form Builder addons. So each site you create, can feature different niche information.

For those that prefer to manage one website, but separate the information within it, you will also need our Origami addon. You will notice several of our niche market addons state their Origami compatibility. That means they are ready to integrate into a system with multiple directories operating simultaneously


Everything in BePro Listings is displayed via a template. Origami helps addons to claim listings and shuts out other addons from placing information on those listings. So you don’t end up with vehicle information on Real Estate listings or their pages.

Origami compatible addons respect the following areas of operation

  • Add / Edit listings page – You can specify the add process is only for a particular niche addon (real estate, vehicles, etc) via shortcode options.
  • Listings – The listings will only show information from a niche addon if its been claimed during the add listing process or set in the admin
  • Detail pages – Like the listings, only information related to the listing will show up on its page

This effectively allows you to

A) allow multiple listing types to show up on the same page

B) link listings to a particular niche addon

C) prevent other addons from placing information on listings they have not claimed.


Each plugin has an origami ID that’s outlined on its product page. Simply use the id when using BePro Listings shortcodes. So for example, if you wanted to tag all submission from a particular form as a real estate listing, you would use the following shortcode

[create_listing_form origami="blr"]

Our suggestion is that you create separate pages where you clearly state what the user is submitting to. Then tag the form with the necessary origami ID that reflects that type of information. With the real estate example above, that listing is claimed by the real estate addon and will act like one from then on.


Running a real Classifieds website is possible on wordpress with BePro Listings and a wordpress multisite installation. Our Origami addon is the key which facilitates multiple directories on one website. Be sure to look for addons which state they are Origami compatible.

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