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    Hi guys,
    I read the blog about the Product Picker Plugin, but I can’t find it anywhere… and the post only mention Bepro Listings plugin

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    Hi Maria,

    I believe the post is referring to using BePro Listings as a product catalog. With geography information turned off, we encourage users to utilize BePro Listings like a product catalog/picker. Its cost and contact features are great for featuring product information. A great example of this is where we showcase various products. Anyone can post their products there, books, themes, designs, etc

    With addons like our favorites addon, end users can like or dislike products/listings. They can then browse the products they have picked/liked for further examination and purchase if you have setup BePro Cart.

    BePro Listings is used in various different ways depending on how its configured. We are always excited to hear new ways customers are using the plugin. Product listings and related features is something we are particular interested in publicizing. In fact, the new design on will end up being a product catalog focused theme that anyone can purchase.
    BePro Software Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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