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    My site is going to run several directories i.e. property, vehicles, events, business directory

    All these directories are separated on my main menu navigation bar i.e.:

    Home – Property – Vehicles – Events – Business Directory

    Example based on property directory:
    Click on main property tab and once taken to that page it has an accumulation of all property submissions. Above the results are further categories attached to properties to narrow the search down.
    I have also provided a link on the ‘Property’ page to take the user to another page ‘Submit Property’ should they require to submit a listing to this directory.
    On this page there is a unique user front end submission form made with form builder.

    I have purchased form builder and origami, although at the moment I can’t see where Origami will help me. I am not using your real estate/vehicle addons – as I believe I can create these directories myself without the added cost, the free version of real estate was beginning to prove a pain.

    Currently my self built property directory seems to be working as it should (although lots and lots of tweeking needed).

    I have copied over the property shortcodes to my self built vehicle directory but using the corresponding form and id’s, however once I submit a test listing it comes up with an error saying page not found.

    i.e. Complete ‘vehicle listing form’> Submit > Error 404 (page not found). The submission isn’t even in the admin area waiting for approval.

    I wonder if certain options I have checked/unchecked in the admin area is causing a problem? Or this is where I should be implementing Origami somehow? Where are the origami options in admin?

    Under Search/Listings: I have ajax on and currently have ajax page selected for how links open.
    Under Page/Post: Template type is selected as ‘Internal’

    The other issue i’ve noticed when submitting a listing is the force registration. It doesn’t. The listing successfully submits whether logged in/registered or not. I am also using buddypress and have ticked in admin options under 3rd party. Shouldn’t the user be taken to a register page or prompted to login before the form is successfully submitted? I did use the redirect url as well as force registration in the shortcode to go to ‘my listings’ page but the redirect url isn’t happening either.

    On this note – I have a social login option available to users – does the Username and Password work if the user is logged in with this method also?

    I’m sure i’m missing something pretty simple…

    Thank you in advance!


    When I test submit details through my wordpress site it seems fine. When I use my android phone to test submit this code appears:

    Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /var/sites/e/ on line 1094

    But underneath says Listing Successfully Saved.



    So the error of submitting listings has now been solved, it’s just that code that comes up when submitting through mobile devices.

    And the other problems !



    Great questions. We are always striving to reduce the learning curve of BePro Listings. We recommend everyone consider watching our screencast tutorial videos and make requests where clarification is needed

    Origami was created before the Form Builder. Its sole goal is to separate our niche directory addons (realestate, vehicles, etc). These niche addons attach themselves to multiple BePro Listings features. You can use origami to claim a feature for a specific addon e.g. only show real estate search filter options.

    Now, with the creation of the Form Builder, it now provides more data points than the niche addons could ever realistically be setup to do. They exist because each niche addons provides its own database table. Imagine how much faster that is for searching and comparing massive amounts of data. The Form Builder fields and stored in a single cell making comparison impossible. Some offer alternative approaches. We stand by our ability to scale to millions as discussed in the following article

    Registration has a fail safe. If user/pass is not provided while creating a list, it will assign the listing to the administrator. Otherwise, a user is created with the email and password thats provided. If a user is logged in, the fields are not shown. A user must exist somewhere for a listing to be created.
    BePro Software Team


    So….. if the user is not logged in or is a current user the form fields user/pass would automatically register them as a user? In that case wouldn’t the username have to be an email address?


    Origami is of no use unless we are using your specific addons?



    On the Origami product page, we have highlighted in red, 3 reasons why you would purchase this product

    An email field is required to register a user. If one is not provided, the plugin defaults to the default user ID you have setup in the BePro Listings admin
    BePro Software Team

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