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    I purchased Bepro Business directory theme, but it wont install. its says no plugin found. I have installed the Bepro listing Version 2.2.0041. I assumed this theme would work with this plugin. what am I missing?


    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Yes you are right. The theme is designed to work with that plugin. Where are you seeing the message? Can you share a screenshot?
    BePro Software Team


    Also, can you share any insight into how you are attempting to install the theme? Which file did you attempt to upload via the theme installer? The theme itself will install even if BePro Listings is not installed.

    The theme is packed in a zip file. That zip file has multiple files in it including, WordPress Export, Listing Data, and the theme itself. This zip file should not be uploaded to WordPress. You should extract this zip file and upload the resulting theme file which is named “bepro-business-directory”.

    We are thinking that this issue may have to do with the file being uploaded to your WordPress installation and we are happy to help you with the process.

    BePro Software Team


    We are working on the documentation for this theme; however, you may find what he have so far useful.

    BePro Software Team


    I tried to install the zip file packet that I received with the download. and it failed.
    I also pulled out the folder called “bepro business directory” and tried to install. same problem

    What file am I supposed to install?


    Only the bepro-business-directory.zip file is needed. Please attempt the following steps:

    1. Confirm that the theme is not installed. If its installed and not activated, delete it
    1b. Look at the bottom of the themes page. If the theme is listed there as broken, click “delete it”
    2. Delete the files you purchased/downloaded from BeProSoftware.com
    3. Return to your My Accounts page, and download the theme again – https://www.beprosoftware.com/my-account/
    4. Extract the zip file to your computer desktop
    5. Upload bepro-business-directory.zip via the wp-admin appearance page

    We have tested and repackaged the theme. The result after your installation should be the following


    Let us know the result. If you continue to experience an issue, please share a screenshot, so that we can better understand the issue
    BePro Software Team

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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