In the world of Business, communication with a buyer or subscriber is typically present at some point during the sale process. We especially see this for real estate agents, car dealers, and other customer focused industries. Allowing customers to communicate easily about a particular Listings increases the likelihood for a sale. Adding this capability to your wordpress website is easy with BePro Listings and its Bookings addon


Are these listings about a, product, place or person? With BePro Listings and the Booking addon, it really doesn’t matter. List whatever you need and assign times of availability to that listing. With the Booking addon, you can choose to set dates weekly or yearly. Then allow users to search and filter through that availability

Maybe user’s found your listing via other means e.g. categories, media, or any other search criteria offered by BePro Listings. However users find the listing, they are able to view availability via a booking calendar widget. They can then make their appointment via a booking form. That form captures important information like, name, email, message and of course the requested booking time.

The system is smart enough to prevent overbooking, overlapping and other aspects you may want monitored. If the user makes a successful booking, both you and the customer is notified. This level of communication is continued if they edit their listing or cancel it. With several configuration options, changes are that you can tweak this to match exactly how your business does appointments


We sell addons that cater to niche markets. A great example of this would be our real estate addon. Its easy to understand why a real estate agent would want to connect with potential buyers asap. Users typically search and filter via price, rooms, type (category) and location to find their new home. Once found, users need an easy way to communicate with the agent regarding their interest in the property. The Booking addon will show the agents availability and facilitate the booking. More importantly, it will email the buy and agent about the property in question and the upcoming appointment.

Another popular example we see here at, is car dealerships. Listing hundreds of cars with various details including, miles, years, etc, its important to know which vehicle a customer is most interested in and the characteristics they find appealing. This allows the dealer to quickly search their inventory for alternatives before the customer gets there. Having multiple options available for a customer is usually a winning approach.


Whatever your business is, if you list your inventory, you probably need to communicate with your customers. For most, making this communication easy, fast and clear is a major contributor towards impacting sales. If this is the case, consider using BePro Listings Bookings with your next real estate, car dealer, or other customer focused website. With over 18 addons, the BePro Listings platform can accommodate your listing and appointment needs.

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