Listing your property inventory on your website is easy with the BePro Listings wordpress plugin. To further immerse into the property related features, you can also purchase our form builder and real estate addons among others. In short, we offer various tools towards helping you list your property inventory on your current website.

BePro Listings

This plugin is 100% free. Download it today to begin taking advantage of, google maps, front end upload, image galleries, and so much more. This plugin helps you to, capture, search / filter and view details. With information like contact info and price already built in, this listings plugin has a great foundation for any property related website.

Setup is easy requiring that you place one shortcode on any page or post to facilitate searching. When ready, we have over 6 shortcodes and several configuration options which allow you to refine the experience to fit your needs. Use this plugin as part of your existing website or use it to run all operations.


Yes, you can build your property directory with our visual drag and drop form builder. Now your listings can have specifically the information you and your customers need. With over 18 form fields to choose from, this plugin can capture and feature most types of information

This addon integrates into the existing front end upload features facilitated by the stock FREE BePro Listings plugin. As such, it inherits the buddypress compatibility and profile option offered by BePro Listings. In short, this plugin provides various flexible front end upload options for collecting information. Once captured, search and filter this information by form or collectively.


This plugin adds property related criteria to BePro Listings. Its biggest feature is exposing property related criteria to search and filter. With this addon installed, users can, search # of room, # of baths and status. In cases of statuses like “sold”, this plugin will show a sold banner over the listing

Its also integrated with our form builder addon. So together, they can work towards facilitating an full featured property listings experience. The complement each other with the real estate addon providing search features and the form builder providing unique content


We also feature addons for, reviews, contact, bookings and so much more. With over 20 addons to choose from, BePro Listings can fit most needs. From payment to email notifications, we have various addons whose prices start from FREE.

Whats great about this platform is that you make your website unique by the addons you purchase and install. Furthermore, these addons also usually come with configuration options. This flexible approach means that you add the features you want and leave the others behind.


Its easy to add property listings to your existing website with BePro Listings and its various addons. Regardless of what property related information you would like to feature, we have a solution for your needs. Remember, BePro Listings itself is free and we suggest that you test it out thoroughly before making the leap to paid addons.

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