We create custom e-commerce websites and help clients to market them via a monthly subscription. We provide everything needed, including server hosting (if needed). You have the option to choose from popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce or trust our team to select the best options for your business.

Our operation is based out of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada. After purchase, you will be assigned a project manager who helps you to understand your options and prepare your project for development. Everything from the design of your website to the marketing strategy will be confirmed.

This complete e-commerce solution is ideal for businesses that would like to focus on operations while partnering with our team to support the technical aspects of their website. Consider the options below to start your journey, schedule a consultation, or contact us directly with any questions.


Browse Live E-commerce Website Examples

Outdoor Photography Canada

This Shopify website sells photos of the Canadian outdoors, our custom-branded products, cameras, and accessories. All products are dropshipped to customers.

Shopify Dropshipping Website Development
Shopify Dropshipping Website Development

Quebec Kayak

This Shopify website is focused on marketing to French speaking users in Canada. It sells our custom-branded products, outdoor equipment, kayaks, and accessories. All products are dropshipped to customers.

Quebec Kayak Shopify

What To Expect?

  • E-commerce Website (Shopify, Woocomerce, Etc)
  • Logo creation
  • Implementation of your brand colors
  • A premium theme used by 7-figure stores
  • Email marketing setup: newsletter, abandoned cart emails
  • SEO optimized content
  • Domain configuration
  • 20 high-selling products according to your selected niche
  • Server hosting where needed. e.g. WooCommerce stores

Why Choose Our Team?

BeProSoftware.com is built on WooCommerce. We own and operate the Shopify sites linked above. Our Canadian-based team is an expert at developing and marketing e-commerce websites.

With an assigned project manager and a subscription, you will be supported throughout the year. Someone who speaks your business language will translate your goals to technical tasks for our team to execute.

How it Works

Within 24-48hrs of your purchase, your project manager will be in contact to collect the following:

  • Store email (setup or use existing)
  • Existing logos and brand colors
  • Existing domain you would like to use or we help you register one
  • Your product niche (art, clothing, electronics, tools, sports, etc)
  • Phone number to use on the website
  • Social pages to use on the website, or we help you to set them up
  • Paid ad buying strategy (if interested)
  • Any questions or concerns

Then the development process begins:

  • We set up everything and keep you informed during the process
  • Your project manager will onboard your team via video meetings
  • We create the first 10 articles for your website
  • Products are uploaded to your website

Is something missing that you would like to add? Our team is happy to discuss options with you. These packages are meant to meet general needs; however, we understand that sometimes customers need custom solutions.

Support Team

Our BePro Software team can support you with a range of e-commerce websites. From typical solutions like clothing and food, to custom ordering solutions. Below is a subset of website projects that we can help with

Popular Uses

  • Clothing Store – List your designs and their variations
  • Restaurant – Showcase your food options and availability
  • Products – Feature your products including variations like color
  • Dropshipping – Connect your Shopify store to their dropshipping network
  • Virtual Products – Showcase downloaded products like your ebooks
  • Subscriptions – Sell products or services on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Bookings – Let customers see your services and book them
  • Showcase – Feature your products and your clients to search through your inventory
  • Wholesale – Showcase your product catalog and manage inventory

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Remember, our e-commerce solutions are developed and managed by our Canadian based BePro Software Team. So you know the level of development quality and support to expect. Our developers are trained and have years of experience specializing in delivering website solutions.

In addition to developers, the BePro Software team comprises project and business managers. This part of the team keeps our documentation and marketing message clear. They also help to initially setup your website and onboard your team


It’s finally here, a complete solution for creating directories, catalogs, and other e-commerce websites. If you are looking for a stable e-commmerce website where you focus on the business, and we focus on the technical aspects, contact us today to discuss how we can accommodate your needs.

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