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    I’m having two issues with the way my search form is being displayed. It is fully functional, however one issue I’m having (which is probably more of a feedback and something that can’t really be changed from what I can tell) is that under BePro Listing Options where it says Default # Listings you have no way of selecting 0, so the search form always displays at least 1 listing even before a search has been submitted. Personally, I’d prefer that no listings are showing before a search has been submitted.

    The second issue I’m having is the way the listing is displayed on the search form. It shows my listing title at the top and at the bottom the ‘Details Link Text’: Item which can also be changed under options. But whether it’s 1 listing or 3 or 5 it never shows the image of the listing which I assume the plain white box should display.
    Each listing has their own image, but I also tried the ‘Default Listing Image’ under options to no avail.

    It really would be best if you could disable the ‘preview’ of default #listings altogether on the search form in my opinion.
    But how do you fine tune the appearance of the listing preview. I couldn’t find any documentation on that. Any input/help is appreciated.



    Thanks for reaching out with your concern and request for new features

    1. You can put the search box on one page, and forward users to a page where they can further refine their search or change their search. This simulates popular travel sites and directories

    2. We offer a few listing layouts. The Form Builder also comes with a few layouts. Unfortunately, the only way to customize the layouts is via custom development. We are actively working on a way for users to customize the display themselves. You can anticipate seeing this feature released within the next 2-3 months
    BePro Software Team


    Thank you for the provided information. Looking forward to those new features.
    You suggested that I place a search box on one page and forward users to a page where they can further refine their search. How exactly does that work, because I don’t see anything under BePro Listings Options that would create something like that.
    Meanwhile, I’ve run into another issue regarding the search form. It has to do with the categories.
    If I have 5 categories and each has a number of listings that show up as: Category1 (4listings) Category2 (10listings), Category3 (23listings) and so on. Now when I want to see all listings of Category2 for example, it doesn’t display all 10 listings that are under this category.

    Also, if I remove the map from the search option it also takes away the search field ‘where’ that shows when map is enabled. Shouldn’t there be an option to search ‘where’ without having to show a map?! In other words have two search fields/options (‘name’ and/or ‘where’)

    And is there a way to disable the ‘featured image’ feature on listings? If I leave it blank it still shows a ‘placeholder/empty image’ when I go through the listings of one category. Visually not very pleasing.
    Thank you so much for your help!



    Regarding the images, there is a “show img” option in the admin. You should un check it

    There is no requirement to show the map and where search on the same page. It sounds like you may be using the bl_all_in_one shortcode. I suggest reviewing our documentation on shortcodes. We provide an easy graphical method to help you customize your layout needs


    Having the search feature on one page and results on the other is easy once you understand shortcodes. You would provide the search shortcode with the url you want to forward users to.

    Regarding the missing category listings, are the results paged? This can easily be remedied via shortcode configuration or the default # of listings options under the BePro Listings->Options admin page

    If you would like us to help you setup any of this, consider purchasing an hour or two of product support. Our team would reach out to confirm your needs and what can be accomplished within the purchased time


    BePro Software Team

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