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    Hello, I am trying to add a search bar on my homepage, where there is no listing. Ideally I would like the users to type in the search field, press enter and be redirected to my listings page with that search.

    Currently I use the short code [search_form listing_page=”my_url”].This does not work. The search button is completely unresponsive, whereas the clear form button is fine. At this point I won’t have any function as I am going to remove the name search and the clear form option.

    Do you have something like this available?


    Hi nocholas,

    I have encountered similar issues. Here is what I have figured out.

    From what I can tell, the search shortcodes such as [search_form] are linked via javascript to the output shortcodes [display_listings] and [generate_map]. So in order to see Search results, there must be listings or a map there to see the results.

    However, I have found a work-around that works pretty well. You can use the built-in WordPress Search Widget, and it does a good job of searching the listings and providing results. From wp-admin just go to Appearances -> Widgets and drag and drop the Search widget. Depending on what theme you are using, there are different options for where widgets can be displayed.

    If you want to move a widget to the top of the screen, I can share some code for doing that.



    Thank you mattlemon, but the WordPress search feature does not search through my listings, so this option is not viable to me. I would still like to see this feature in BL.


    Any time. That is weird to hear that the WP search does not search your listings. If you use it to search, and you put in a keyword that is in one of your listings, does it return nothing?

    When I use the WP search widget, if I put in a keyword, it returns all listings that contain that keyword.

    The developer is very active, updates frequently, and responds to feedback. From what I know, they are currently working on updates to Form Builder and the related [create_listing_form] shortcode. I expect that the search form will also get some attention soon. My personal feeling about the BePro Listings search form is that it would be better if it just had one keyword search field. Right now it has two fields, name and location, which makes me think it probably doesn’t search the listing descriptions — only the names.

    However, the WP Search Widget works fine for me, and it searches listing names and descriptions. When you enter a keyword in the WP Search widget and click Search, what happens?


    Hi Nocholas,

    Have you tried to turn off ajax search in the admin?


    Thank you!

    I have turned off Ajax and created my own short code for my own condensed search form (I removed the name search and the clear form). Now I can have my search bar on the home page, have the user search and be redirected with that search query.

    This is great! Thanks!

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