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    I am considering switching to BePro Listing with some premium plugins instead of the AWPCP plugin I’m currently using. It looks like most of the functionality I require is there, however, I have two questions in particular regarding functionality before diving in.

    1. The classifieds site will be free for users. They will not be required to register to post an ad. However, like craigslist, once the user submits their listing they are sent an email which contains links to edit or delete their ad (managed from the frontend). Is that possible with BePro Listing?

    2. Is it possible to restrict users from posting in Parent Categories? And forcing them to choose a single sub-category (ideally via selectbox rather than checkboxes)?

    For example, here’s an idea of the category structure:

    For Sale (parent category)
    – Clothes & Accessories
    – Antiques, Art, Books
    – Computer Equipment
    – etc.

    Jobs (parent category)
    – General Labor
    – Construction, Trades
    – Automotive
    – etc.

    Vehicles (parent category)
    – Auto Parts
    – Cars & Trucks
    – Motorcycles
    – etc.

    Real Estate (parent category)
    – Apartment Rental
    – House Rental
    – Homes for Sale
    – etc.

    So what I’m looking for is a simple button that says “Create Listing”, bringing them to a page where they first select a parent category then a single child subcategory, followed by the proper form for the category. Upon submission, the ad is posted and they receive an email where they can edit or delete their advert.

    Thanks for any info! Cheers. 🙂


    Just to mention… regarding not allowing users to post in parent categories, I did try the admin BePro Listing Option > Forms > “Exclude Categories” field, and entered a parent category but it still shows up on the form.


    Sorry for the additional inquiries, but looking through all your addons it seems I would buy a good deal of them. Just want to confirm two more questions before I buy anything I can’t end up using.

    1. On each ad listing page, is there a way to have a link for general users to “report miscategorization/spam”? Like done on most all big classifieds sites.

    2. Would I have any conflict running BePro Listings or any of your addons while using the new JSON REST WP-API Plugin? Or even the Thermal plugin (which uses WP_Query in a RESTful API)? I intend on creating more of an app like experience.

    Thanks again and sorry for all the questions! Looks like you have put together a great system. I look forward to your responses!

    Kind Regards. 🙂



    Thanks for asking questions before buying. We applaud and support informed purchases. With that said, we would love to have you as one of our customers

    1) BePro Email is 100% free, integrates with BePro Listings and facilitates tons of email notifications. So the simple answer is yes, you can setup notifications for successful form submissions.

    2) If the exclude categories feature does not work, then we will fix it. As you noted, its a free feature of BePro Listings. However, it does not currently offer select boxes. What i would suggest is the following

    • Utilize the form builder to create multiple forms
    • Put those forms on completely different pages
    • Contract us or any developer, to create the select box initial stage, which would forward the user to the correct form

    3) Currently, there is not a report spam addon. It is however in our development plans. Payments (free), emails (free), and the form builder have all come online within the past 30-60 days. There are 3 plugins/addons currently being developed to extend BePro Listings even further. An eta for report spam addon would be approximately 30 days.

    4) Unfortunately, our team has not tested WP-API or the Thermal plugin. If BePro Listings works with them, then its highly unlikely that the addons will cause an issue. It is unfortunately impossible for us to guarantee compatibility with everything. However, note that we develop our plugins with the expectation that you will be using addons we do not create. You can see that with the construction of BePro Listings

    Hope this helps. If I missed any of your questions or if you have any more, simply reach out

    BePro Software Team


    Thanks for the response! Only thing I need to reiterate would be my first question.

    I do realize BePro Listings with the Email addon can send notification emails. I read a fair amount about that. However, I need users to be able to post a free ad without registration, and once it’s successfully been submitted they are sent an email that contains a link (access key) where they can go back any time and edit their ad (if they made a mistake or want to change something), or delete their ad (if they sold their item and don’t want to keep getting calls and email).

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks again for your speed response!



    Thanks for clarifying

    – BePro Listings facilitates free listing submissions from the front end.
    – To edit a listing users must be registered. That way, users can view all of their listings at the same time and edit them if necessary. In fact, we have a reporting feature in development to take advantage of this approach.
    – Assuming you are using our Profile shortcode, yes you can place a link to the profile page in the email. This is something you should test out before buying anything

    Whats really versatile and non replicable by other solutions, is the the unlimited custom forms and emails. You can easily setup a custom email for each form. That way, the submissions can be tailored to be relevant to the focus of the form
    BePro Software Team

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