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    Hello !

    I have a problem, every listing I publish presents the following issue:

    The number of lines increase between items. I checked the html and found that the items are in divs that are separated by breaks, but for each added div is also added a br

    It is like there is a loop that adds a br for every item added. Is there any way to solve this?

    As always,
    thank you very much

    • This topic was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Maria.

    Hi Maria,

    Which version of the form builder are you using? I believe we fixed this with version 2.0.05. Please backup your forms via the admin, before making any upgrades.

    As you can see with the divs, we have been in the process of improving the layout of the Form Builder and BePro Listings itself. We are adopting a much more CSS3 and HTML5 approach to the design. The goal being to make the plugin

    • Improve the look/feel of default features
    • Make it easier for 3rd party developers to customize
    • Be more mobile friendly

    If for example you are using the latest version of BePro Listings and have “recreated your template files” via the Repair tab on the BePro Listings->Options admin page, you will notice the search results have a more refined layout.

    Most of our recent plugin updates have focused on stability and appearance. We are actively developing premium themes and more importantly we are launching more websites which use our plugins. These new websites will serve as a proof of concept for everyone to see what’s truly possible with BePro Listings. All of this you can expect to hear about in upcoming articles and a relaunch of our newsletters. We plan to discuss, obstacles, monetization, customer growth strategies, and more. The biggest benefit to all of our customers will be the fact that we are more invested in the products functionality and are more likely to find and address issues before anyone else.
    BePro Software Team


    I’m using v1.0.04 . I will update it.

    Happy you’re working so much on the plugins.

    Thank you very much


    sorry, the version is 2.0.04

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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