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    When I try typing a ‘display_listings’ shortcode I use the I_type extension, it does not seem to work….

    I have pasted :
    [display_listings I_type=”68″]

    I am trying to display only the category “68” content, but it is listing all information….
    Is this because Bepro just populates unused listings fields with info?


    Hi Jill,

    Thanks for reaching out

    With the l_type option, BePro Listings should only show listings with the categories you specify. The plugin does not populate unused fields.

    Try the following

    – confirm that the listings being shown are not from the selected category?
    – confirm you are editing the listing in the “text” mode and not “visual”. Remove any extra characters which may show up in this view.

    Let us know if you continue to experience the issue.
    BePro Software Team



    Hi again….

    I am still experiencing problems I’m sad to say…..
    First off…. I realised that I was using ‘I_type’ and not ‘L_type’ (Later in lower case works), although I am not able to define more than one category….
    The code I am using is:

    [display_listings l_type=”148,149,150,151,152,153″]

    I am typing this into the text editor and not visual editor, and I am still finding that Bepro is still populating information from other categories…..

    If I write the same shortcode with only one category ID it will work, but if I add multiples it seems to struggle.

    It also does not seem to recognise a parent category as having child categories in this manner-and thus listing criteria is limited to just the category defined…. Can you confirm if this can be achieved to save time with listing all relevant categories for display of directories:)



    Thanks for confirming that the shortcode works with a single category. I would suggest using the shortcode builder to avoid confusion in the future regarding shortcode options

    After a quick check, i have confirmed that the shortcode will

    – Show sub categories
    – Show all listings with the selected category, even if it has other categories which its attached to

    I also checked the selection of multiple categories. There is an issue here and our developers are investigating. A member of our team will update this post with progress reports. When a solution is found, we will release it to everyone and you would simply upgrade the plugin to get the fix.
    BePro Software Team



    Thanks for the feedback and support…. I await with anticipation…. for now I have recreated the structure by using separate pages for each category …. It is an option if anyone else is having the same issues:)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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