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    Hi there….

    I’m wondering if you can offer advice on how to display ‘checkbox inputs’ in the search result for the site I’m building?

    I have created a set of checkboxes in the forms I have built, with the Form Builder plugin (I purchased it through another account). There are four types of exchange on my site and I would like to provide the users with a way to access these particular filtered results…

    It is so users can access services where people have specified they provide a paid service, an exchange service, etc…. Users are able to list in multiple categories (hence the checkboxes) and so each listing may appear in multiple filters.

    The categories I have used identify different industry areas and groups, but each listing becomes associated with 1-4 of the checkbox.

    Ideally I would like to use the checkboxes as filters… and at a minimum, for them to be available in the search results, if not as a display results option (But I recognise that isn’t possible… is it?)

    I am using a large number of plugins, with buddyboss’s global search plugin providing an ajax output.

    My website can viewed here

    Kind Regards
    Chris S:)


    Hi Chris,

    Sounds like you should consider using the category feature. That way you can use the built in category features. Alternatively, you can set checkboxes to be searchable with the latest version of the form builder. Which version do you have?

    BePro Software Team


    Hi BePro Team

    I’m using V. 1.0.407…. of form builder which provides the option to make them searchable-but they aren’t 🙁

    I already use the category feature…. Problem is categories in categories:)
    I’ll Explain….
    For the sake of the example, there are 6 Industry areas that people can post in on the site.
    Each area has multiple categories of listing….
    For example; Products and services, skills, interests, needs and opportunities…..
    In these postings, people can specify if these things are subject to alternative trade and exchange mechanisms…. For example…. Paid for…. Exchange…. Mates rates…. or an alternative currency….

    I currently run with quite a few categories, if you can imagine:)

    I’m not sure you can help further… it is a shame that for some reason the information in the checkboxes aren’t available in the search results…. Eg. Paid, Exchange, Mates Rates and Alternative Currency….



    If there is an issue with the checkbox search feature then lets address that. Can you share details regarding whats happening? Do they show on the form? What happens when you try to select and search the checkbox options?
    BePro Software Team


    Thanks…. Yes that would be great….
    The checkboxes show up on the form….
    They are set for searchable…. There are many forms that this responds to so some are ‘and’ and some are ‘or’….
    If I use the search filter code, then they appear-after the long list of categories, and they work….
    but because I cant remove the categories from the filter, it is not a usable feature…. plus it will only provide search filtering for one form…. and there are around 12 forms that need to be searched at the same time….
    The categories and the checkboxes do not appear on the site’s global search however…. the content of the listing does appear on the search results however….
    I have tried to use Buddy Boss Global search and this provides me with options to search bepro listings…
    If I deactivate this plugin, it makes no difference to the appearance of the checkboxes in the results…. they still do not appear….

    I hope this information helps:)

    Kind Regards



    It sounds like you tested the feature and it works. Would you like to add it to another? We also offer the ability to force the search filter to only show options for a specific form.

    The form builder cannot search across forms. It is not designed to do that and we have no immediate plans to implement this feature. You can only search one form at a time. Is this what you are trying to change? Is this what you are referring to as “Global Search”?

    I would be shocked if you found another plugin that could search BePro Listings and its Form Builder. We have researched and implemented searching techniques that do not exist anywhere else in wordpress (from our research). For example, via the form builder, we allow you to dynamically capture and search date ranges and integer ranges (as many as you want within 1 form). Also, the Form Builder stores information in a radically different way to the base plugin. Yes, they are both storing info every time you create or save a listing. Yes, they communicate during the process so that they don’t save redundant information. For another plugin to figure this out would be beyond shocking.
    BePro Software Team

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