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    Hi! I just have a question about category format. When a user CLICKS A CATEGORY (that is displayed in their single listings, together with the details, etc.), I want the output to be like this:

    Current format is blog style, which is the default one for wordpress. Can you enlighten me on how to do this? Thanks a lot in advance!



    Do you mean like this example?

    If I understand you correctly, for the listings, you would like our plugin to manage the category layout instead of wordpress. Like in our $1 theme example, you will need to create a taxonomy template as described in this article.

    If you purchase our Tags addon, you would need a template added to your theme for that also. Luckily these are fairly easy to setup at 1hr of product support per template needed.

    So if you only need us to setup the categories template, it would be 1hr of product support

    Or you could simply buy one of our $1 wordpress themes. Be sure to check they it specifically advertises having the taxonomy templates

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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