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    Hi, I’m wanting to change a few things, i have installed buddypress and Bepro listings:

    1. is there any way of changing the name on the members page from listing to classifieds?

    2. When a member logs in to place a listing all the categories are in tick boxes can these be changed to drop down boxes? 1. for Car Make, car model then year of car.

    I have already changed a few things like, no approval for job listings, all ads go at the top and i have customized my search box, however i would love to add a text search box on the search page as well.

    Thank you.



    1) There are two ways of doing this via the code A) via the translation file or B) via editing the php file

    2) This would require custom coding. Would you like someone to contact you directly regarding having that developed asap?

    Bepro Software Team


    Can you elaborate on the text search feature you are referring to? We do have shortcodes for or search box

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    Ok no worries, i have spend hours searching and testing but anytime i try to change the word listing to classifieds it wont work, then the guy that made the changes for me said it can’t be one. Any tips which page its on so i can change it?

    Thats ok i finally fixed the search box.




    We designed the plugin to be easily editable. In actuality, before even checking the language files in the “/language” folder, you should try changing the value for “BEPRO_LISTINGS_SLUG” on line 252 of bepro_listings_functions.php in the latest version of the plugin on wordpress.org

    Let us know you find it. You can see it referenced online here:




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    Hi, I have just checked in this file /public_html/wp-content/plugins/bepro-listings/bepro_listings_functions.php and there is nothing on line 252 to change. Here is whats on line 251-260 as you can see there is only { on line 252 I have version 1.2.21 which appears to be the lasted version.
    function advancesearch()
    echo “<a href=’http://restodesto.com.au/search-listings/’>AdvanceSearch</a>&#8221;;

    //Return Listings that meet requested critera.
    function bepro_get_listings($returncaluse = false, $catfinder = false, $limit_clause = false){
    global $wpdb;

    Any other suggestions?


    Hi, the latest version of the plugin is 1.2.31. The link provided before specifically referenced the code in the wordpress repository that everyone downloads.


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    Thanks for that help, I’m wondering if you can please help me with one more thing, is there a quick way of  changing the tick boxes when placing a classified  to drop down selections instead?


    you would have to actually edit the code.

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