Hi @ogopotse,

The templates go in the folder, where your active theme resides. So say for e.g., you have the twentyfourteen stock wordpress theme activated. You would place the files in that folder.

The thing to note is that you aren’t just creating the files. To leave progress there, would not achieve your goal of integrating BePro Listings into your theme. It simply replicates the problem.

The goal of the templates is to replicate the correct structure of your html code as seen visually on pages which came with your theme. In files like, page.php, single.php and index.php, theme makers will often put some of the important (format forming) html declarations. BePro Listings and every other plugin which uses custom post types “e.g. woocommerce and buddypress” pulls in the header/footer and possibly the sidebar. They do not retrieve potentially important html from the other files.

Ultimately,the result should be a situation where the header, footer and sidebar together encase the bepro listings content in the correct html. To further simplify, you need to take the important html declarations from pages like single.php/index.php and put them in the custom header-listings.php/footer-listings.php files.

Obviously, you need to be able to discern whats an important html declaration. Unfortunately, this is not something a novice can do. Its beyond wordpress and becomes an issue of understanding html. This is why we provide a growing number of themes. With that said, the problem is as simple/trivial as replicating the correct html structure and wrapping that around BePro Listings

That’s why currently, product support is by far our cheapest service. For someone that knows what they are doing, issues like this take literally minutes to diagnose and repair.


BePro Software Team