Ok, I’m not keen on paying for support right now, I need to know the plugin will fit my needs really. Perhaps I can just set the widgets not to display on this section for now… only problem is I’m having trouble finding the visibility button which seems to be missing in my widgets..

Anyway, on to other issues I’m having with the plugin;

The map along the top at http://www.thehouseofdog.co.uk/dog-friendly-accommodation/ generally displays a ‘There are currently no results available to map’ image 3 times across the top. There are 2 results within the map, but why so slow to load? Can I just show one map instead? Would that speed things up? Is it always going to be this slow?

Also, despite having bepro business directory and real estate installed, only the real estate one shows up in the add ons tab within bepro. Even then I can’t ‘Save real estate settings’ nothing happens :/

When inputting a postcode into geographic settings on a new listing, the postcode has worked on one listing, set to an address in Nottingham, but the other in Derby has located the marker somewhere over in the US! (Should both be within the UK).

I Can’t find anywhere to add the options for destinations, and the search function doesn’t bring back results at all, ie I searched for a ‘hotel’ in ‘cotgrave’ (the nottingham postcode) and ‘hotel’ in ‘nottingham’ and neither bought any results.

I think I must be missing some basic stuff somewhere along the line! Please can you enlighten me? I’m a bit confused :/


Sally 🙂