Hi @theig072

Thanks a lot for these suggestions. I will start with your most recent ones for the design.

1) I really like your layout suggestion for the results. Ultimately, this is no one layout since the display is dynamically generated. For the developer, this means unlimited configurations. For the typical customer, it means we have to release a template option which re-orders everything. Your suggestion will be included in a future release that focuses on these templates. Right now, our team is focused on the all in one layouts in general

2) That link should be renamed. However, we disagree that it should be named “details” or anything in particular. We are working on providing an admin option to set this yourself. This is huge for our non english users. This new features is scheduled for release within the next 2-3 business days

Regarding your other suggestions, they are golden. Look closely at our development logs on wordpress.org, and you will notice that we are releasing updates to the plugin every few days. Its simply a matter of timing and prioritizing to get your requests out.

We appreciate your continued patience and support. We hear your suggestions and plan on implementing all of them. Please continue to relay your suggestions and concerns.

BePro Software Team