Great questions. We really appreciate when customers ask detailed questions.

1) No, there are no dynamic fields anywhere in BePro Listings for several reasons. However, we did create a communication network which allows all addons to communicate with the plugin and each other. This makes upgrades like you are requesting relatively easy to implement

1B) Yes, having the upload feature work with tags would be more development time. We could give you a deal on all 3 (tags, videos, audio) seeing that the tags would be easier than the videos to facilitate.

2) MT Classifieds and other $1 wordpress themes are limited to a specific number of downloads. Yes, you would need to spend another $1 to get the update. The last update includes new template files for tags and categories.

3) There wouldn’t be an audio/video script. If interested in the video csv upload, then we would upgrade the video addon to work with the stock csv feature. Yes, you would be able to link to 3rd party sources like youtube and vimeo.

4) We have been working on the protection of uploaded files. We could definitely work with you towards obfuscating the file links. Much like the csv upload, we built a foundation with the intention of eventually getting there. However, getting these features sooner than later will require development hours

If I missed any questions, or you have any more, feel free to share them.

BePro Software Team