In general, WordPress is a fairly efficient content management system on its own. Most negative feedback is caused by badly developed themes and plugins which add bloat to the platform. However, this article is about the issues with WordPress itself, when it comes to the google search console.

That’s right, there is no such thing as perfect software. This is usually more evident in free products, since these are usually created by really small teams, even a single person. WordPress doesn’t have this excuse, much like Linux, it has a worldwide team of contributors and a profitable commercial business backing it. However, just link Linux isn’t perfect, WordPress isn’t wither

Monitoring Google Search Console

The fact of the matter is, Google Search Console sees everything on your website, even things you or your customers have never actually come across. This is caused by the fact google and other search engines use a technique call search bots or spiders which can follow links from your home page to anywhere they lead.

This means that you need to A) setup google search console on your website which is technically free (depending on your definition) and B) monitor the reports it’s generating. One of the most important reports to monitor are the error reports.

Mobile Usability Error

While developing our premium WordPress theme, we actually use the themes. In this case, we were monitoring the performance of the theme on a new website. We noticed the following error in the google search console

– /wp-includes/js/dist/

Yeah you have that URL on your WordPress installation and yes Google is negatively penalizing you for this file you have never seen or used. The lucky thing is that although WordPress won’t fix this for you, you can address the issue directly with Google.

Removing URLS from Google Search Console

On the left menu, there is a “removals” option. Click the new request button to get the following input box


Changes are, your competition has already fixed this issue. This isn’t the type of thing you should ignore. If your goal is to beat your competition in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Position) then you need to pay close attention to the errors Google thinks is on your website.

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