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We are pleased to introduce BePro Mobile to the world. This is a FIRST for our BePro Software Team and we believe the wordpress community. Simply put, this product facilitates interaction with your wordpress site via Native mobile phone development (android, windows phone, etc) development.


This was thought up and implemented for a few different reasons. Primarily, our sister brand Proto Partners, facilitates partnerships with local, restaurantsgrocery stores, and similar businesses. Part of this support includes A) our ability to push Ads from our AdCoordinates brand, to their store fronts and B) a vested interest in streamlining their operations in terms of digital conversions.


Unlike any other product existing on the market right now, this actually puts wordpress onto your device as an application. This means you can now take advantage of your phone features like:

  • Communication like Call and SMS
  • Notifications including audible and vibrate
  • Media including music, photos, videos
  • Ability to use own contacts, notes, and similar applications
  • Use of local storage
  • Barcode reader and other similar 3rd party features

What we have done is create A) a mobile application and B) a wordpress plugin which speaks to it. This plugin has been created to facilitate the ability for ANY wordpress developer to create add-ons which can then be used on a mobile phone. So the functionality is quite simple. Our plugin interface provides password management. You simply input your website name and the password into the app for access. Then all compliant plugins will provide their menu options and functionality.


This product was designed for use in store fronts. With that said, you can use it to monitor any wordpress functionality, where a plugin has been created to work with our product. We designed the interface with tablet pc’s in mind. Specifically, we hope to have this product be an economic point of sale option for anyone running a business. With access to your website and control over the interaction, this app can present the content you most want your customers to see. Imagine mounting a tablet pc on every table or cash register. This could easily, one day, replace your current point of sale all together reducing your merchant accounts to one (1) online.


Since most of our core customers are our Proto Partners, we have opted to implement the order management from the WooCoomerce plugin and make it mobile. Our customers were experiencing issues with monitoring their website’s for new orders. The biggest issue being that the wordpress admin is not ajaxified so you must consciously continue checking for new updates to your admin. The result is a setup which works like your local Pizza shop. With BePro Mobile and our First add-on, you are able to view orders come in from Woocommerce on your website (LIVE). This includes the ability to change the status of an order, easily view order details, and most of all receive meaningfully annoying updates from your phone when orders come in. No other wordpress product does this natively on your mobile phone.


This is a very distributed architecture. It requires multiple applications and development concepts to facilitate. These technologies include:

  • Phonegap
  • SQLite
  • WordPress
  • jquery mobile
  • Java
  • Css, html, xml etc


The facts are. we are currently still testing in house. We hope to role out the basic app to our partners during the month of May, 2013. This includes, putting the app right in the hands of  restaurant workers, from the cashier to the cooks in the back. From that experience, we will be able to provide an exact release date. If you are interested in testing the application, simply register and let us know. Testers MUST have a registered corporation with an actual brick and mortar location.


We hope to continue expanding the application with A) more native phone features, B) enhance the wordpress plugin interface to provide more options for developers with better communication with the device app and C) provide more wordpress plugin Add-on’s which take advantage of the setup Upcoming plugins include:

  • Twitter feed
  • Youtube
  • Contact us
  • Gift Cards and other product payment methods
  • WordPress posts


We know that no one else has provided this solution and that its badly needed. Although previously fantasy, mobile phones have become a very popular way of interacting with the internet. In some cases, it is the most convenient way. However, there is still the limitation that A) your browser does not fully utilize your phone B) some things rendered from the internet do not look good on a phone This product facilitates the ability for any wordpress functionality to be developed for access via a mobile phone. So soon, the only limitation will be finding a developer to create the plugin you need for interaction with BePro Mobile

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