We are pleased to announce the release of WooCube, your payment Gateway (add-on) for the Woocommerce and Cubepoint plugin. Simply put, this plugin allows you to facilitate payments on your wordpress website via woocommerce, using cubepoints as currency.

Cubepoints is a well tested and popular plugin. It is used a lot of Gamification. However, many of our clients want to reward users with products or services in exchange for the points. Several other plugins tie into Cubepoints and its about time that Woocommerce does too.

We use Woocommerce here for a lot of our Restaurant clients. Because of this interaction, we constantly come across scenarios where we need to push the boundaries. This plugin is very well created and allows for add-ons like this to be quickly created.

The only way for us to improve this plugin is with your comments and requests. So what are you waiting for? Download this plugin and reward your users Today with Cubepoints and Woocommerce. Then let our BePro Software Team know about any issues you experience in our Forums

Click here to download the product today.

*NEW* – Changelog

WooCube 1.0.1 – This version has the ability to not only reduce the amount of cubepoints but also log the event in the cubepoints plugin. Now, you can use the cubepoints or woocommerce shortcodes to accurately display to your customer transaction history and spending ability.

WooCube 1.0.11 – This release tries to fix an activation error.

Date: WooCube was last modified: December 14th, 2013 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com