BePro Listings offers 4 ways to get paid for directory submissions including, flat fee, by category, claim listings and membership addons. The first 2 are 100% FREE and simply require that you install BePro Cart. Allowing users to Claim Listings on your website is a great revenue generator. Lastly Our membership addons offer you the ability to use either our BePro Listings S2Member or BePro Listings PMPro plugins to integrate with one of the 2 most popular membership plugins available on This document covers the various options


Once BePro Cart is installed, several payment options are available via the BePro Listings admin page. Options include the ability to charge a flat fee or by category. You also have the ability to automatically set listings to published once they are paid or keep them as pending until you have a chance to view them.

If you select flat fee, you are able to enter the cost for every submission. If you choose by category, you are able to setup the the cost for each individual category while editing it. The plugin does the calculations and gives the user the opportunity to pay for the listing from their profile. Alternatively, you can also force all successful submissions to redirect the user to the shopping cart, simply by using the “redirect=1” option when creating the front end form shortcode.


When creating a directory, often times this means creating listings for users and attracting them to take over the listing. Once your directory grows in popularity, business owners usually want to control web pages that reflect their business and get lots of traffic. Allowing customers to do this is a popular revenue generator for directories

Users simply go to the listing page that they are interested in controlling and click the “Claim Listing” button. You receive all requests in the admin and decide which user to award the listing to. Once this is done, they can then pay for the listing via their profile page.


S2member and PMPro are two of the most popular membership addons available on wordpress today. BePro Listings integrates with their membership levels to provide different features per level. So in short, you can have completely different features per user level. With the use of our  addon, you can charge users to post listings on your website. S2member and PMPro are 100% free membership focused plugins which you can download on

You would setup the, cost, terms, and other membership related aspects through the membership plugin you choose. Let that membership plugin handle registration and user management. Then when the user tries to create listings, they are bound by the restrictions of their membership level

BePro Listings S2member comes with various options per user level. One of the most popular configuration options is the ability to require and exclude categories per user type. This option is particularly useful when you have “Featured Categories” which you would like to charge more for. Addons like  BePro Listings Videos also integrate offering the opportunity to limit how many videos by membership level.


Creating a paid listings site is very easy with our BePro Listings. We offer 2 FREE ways to get paid and hope you try these out. We also provide the opportunity to charge users to claim listings or integrate BePro Listings into your membership website. However you choose to make money through a wordpress directory, BePro Listings can accommodate your needs.

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  1. Bill

    I have a question. The answer may be pretty obvious.

    I am interested in using the BePro Listings Real Estate.

    Will that plugin integrate with s2Member?

    Have a great day,

    • Hi Bill,

      Yes, the Real Estate features will continue to work if the S2Member addon is installed. However, there are no specific membership features dedicated to real estate. For more insight, ask this question in our forums .

      BePro Software Team

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