If you are interested in setting up video listings in wordpress then consider using our plugin. You will need the following items:

BePro Listings is a free wordpress plugin which facilitates a customizable listings experience. Plugins like BePro Listings Galleries and BePro Listings Videos, build on the features of the base plugin, providing video listings in any wordpress theme. The goal of this page is to explain exactly how the items listed above work together to acheve wordpress video listings


BePro Listings Videos

BePro Listings Videos

The BePro Listings Video plugin offers two main features. It

  • A) manages and shows videos from popular platforms like youtube and vimeo
  • B) It allows users to upload video files and download them from listing pages

Since sites like youtube provide screenshots of videos, we are able to quickly grab the screen shot and use it in the gallery. We also use that screen shot as the featured photo in the listings when you select that option in the admin. This is particularly useful for video only listing sites.


BePro Listings Videos uses video attachments from your wordpress posts. From the front end, this process is seamless with a custom interface. However, in the backend, this can be tricky for those new to wordpress. Here are some pointers to note while adding videos from the backend

  • When using the “Add Media” button in the admin, you do not need to click “Insert into post” to complete the attachment process. After selecting the attachment, a check mark will appear over the image. Simply click “save” and update the post. If you uploaded the file to that post/listing, then its already attached


BePro Listings already works with the stock wordpress gallery. However, to faciliate the lightbox popup and new gallery format, we needed more control. Thats where the BePro Listings Gallery plugin comes in.

The BePro Listings Gallery plugin comes with tons of wordpress hooks and filters. This allows plugins like BePro Listings Videos to tie in and add new screenshots. The result is a truly custom setup where the screenshot is shown but the video plays. This is all done from a simple link.


If you would like video listings for your wordpress installation, this is the perfect solution for you. With the strong listings foundation offered by BePro Listings, the addons really provide unique and useful features. If you would like a live sample of this feature working, take a look at our bycater page. You can also contact us in our bepro listings forum with any questions.

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