If you have realestate inventory, wordpress is a great CMS for listing your properties. Using the right plugins and theme can speed up the process and provide a great layout for representing your business and clients. This post is dedicated to explaining ways you can setup your your realestate website using wordpress


WordPress is the most popular CMS available online today. Through this CMS, you have access to a plethora of themes and addons created by an open community. This provides lots of options for creating a custom product which fulfills your needs.


For those interested in created a Real Estate directory website using wordpress there are a few options to consider. Many require monthly membership fees for access to IDX and other proprietary data.

Some users simply need a way to list their inventory without the monthly fees. In fact, most of the world still operates this way. Regardless of paid or not, everyone expects to see certain information on a realestate website like

  • # bedrooms
  • # bathrooms
  • # sq footage
  • # floors
  • Status

You will then want users to be able to easily search, filter, and view details regarding the properties. Ideally, once the visitor has made a decision, you definitely want to make it easy for them to contact you or one of your Real Estate Agents.


You can consider purchasing a realestate theme. These are usually focused built with little flexibility. However, if you like the design provided, this option can often get you up and running with your inventory uploaded within the hour.

For those simply looking to list their inventory, we recommend BePro Listings Realesate. This addon runs on the free BePro Listings plugin facilitating Real Estate related features


If you are trying to build a Real Estate website, you should consider using BePro Listings Realestate on the wordpress platform. With this setup, you can list your property inventory. Your customers can then, search, filter, view details, and contact you if they are interested.

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