Are you a online store owner, interested in offering your customers store credit? Then our WooCube Pro solution is right for you. You will need the following 3 100% free solutions along with WooCube Pro.


Store credit is a great way to encourage users to return to your website and purchase products. Customers often use this incentive to purchase products they would not have previously considered for several reasons.  With WooCube Pro, you can offer store credit in a number of ways. These include:

  • User interaction on your website
  • By purchasing one of your products
  • You as the admin can simple give the customer points
  • Customer can purchase points specifically


The installation of the various needed pieces are easy. WordPress is a one page installation process on your web server. The plugins are also one click installs from the wordpress admin plugin interface.

Once installed, its always smart to configure the 3 options to suit your needs. After all, you will be selling real products and getting real money from this process. Once these 3 pieces of software are setup to your liking, install WooCube (plugin) and configure it as well. The result is your very own eCommerce solution with store credit (loyalty points and rewards)

If you prefer, we can do the work for you within an hour. Simply purchase our 1hr of product support

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Its easy to create a scenario where you offer store credit to users we can help. Our WooCube Pro solution has tons of options that we simply could not fit into this article. If you interested in learning more, simply click here

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