Create a directory for your documents using BePro Listings on the WordPress CMS. We support, PDF, CSV, ODT, DOC, and other popular file types. Allow users to search and filter through your document portfolio


Our plugin comes with lots of free features, some you may have never considered. However, many are exactly what are you looking for

  • Search Names
  • Filter listings with documents
  • Categorize Document listings
  • Add prices to documents
  • Add contact info for documents
  • Add location for documents

Each option allows you to turn them off or on. The entire solution also works with any design you would like. Its modular design allows it to be applied to various branding needs. In fact, take a look at two completely different examples showcasing the exact same product


This type of versatility is hard to find on any CMS platform. With that said, this is only a sub set of the features available for BePro Listings. This product will exceed your document listing needs.


At the time of writing this, BePro Listings has 13 addons. This gives you lots of ways to diversity your Document Listings solution. Allow users to give feedback on documents or add other types of relevant information and media.

There are few limits when it comes to using BePro Listings for document listings. Its the perfect Catalog plugin allowing you to showcase your documents while combining them with other useful information and media. This is how you really make documents useful and reduce the amount of wasted time that can be lost sifting through document details for info


If you would like to list documents and allow users to easily find them, BePro Listings is your best option. With many free features and lots of addons, this solution gives you a cost effective way to offer lots of document related features.

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