Setup directory listings for any city in the world with BePro Listings. Built with google maps, this  plugin has everything you need to facilitate any type of directory


Since the beginning, BePro Listings has always worked with google maps. We have no intentions of ever removing it from the list of built in 100% FREE features. Each listing on the map, corresponds to the other listing templates we offer. Each listing on the map also links to wherever you told it to link to, affilate, its own page, ajax open page, etc


Our location search feature works on google maps. Yes we store your Lat/Lon, however, google tells us, the lat/lon of your current search so that we can do some jujitsu mathematics using the worlds circumference to ascertain distance from points.

This means that your customers can search for any city on the planet, and we will showcase the listing which are close to their search city. You can order these by different values if you wish and you can adjust the search distance.


Built on the wordpress CMS, this versatile search and listings feature is ideal for creating any type of directory. Here are a few recent directories customers have created with BePro Listings

  • Food Truck Directory
  • Audio Reviews Directory
  • Vehicle Community Classifieds
  • Artist Review Directory

There is literally no limit to the types of directories which can be created with the use of BePro Listings. The secret comes from our growing list of addons which all communicate with each other. This allows us to create unique mashups that simulate any layout or design.


If you would like to setup a directory for your city or a range of cities, BePro Listings has everything you need on the wordpress cms. Check out our addons and come up with your own mashups or templates and features to create your unique city directory

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