BePro Listings plugin elements are built to be Responsive. This makes BePro Listings the perfect engine for your mobile compatible theme. We also provide responsive themes for $1 which work with BePro Listings and provide useful templates.


The css included with BePro Listings is designed to be easily overridden. This makes any needed customization’s easy. We also made the css to be unobtrusive, using as little code as possible to achieve our goals

This is all done with css3 standards. We also try not to use absolute values for widths. Rather, we use percentages of available area when possible. Of course, we must make exceptions to have something that looks uniform across as many installations as possible


The listing elements are displayed via shortcodes. We provide the following options

  • Categories
  • Google maps
  • Search form
  • Filter form
  • Listings

Each of these elements have responsive css. So for most theme integrations, if your setup is already responsive, then our elements will compliment your transitions. In cases where they don’t adequately integrate with your setup, you can easily add the necessary css


Every listing generates its own page. The elements on this page are all built to resize and fit within your theme. Sections on this page include

  • Image and Video Gallery
  • Listing Details
  • Tab Section

The BePro Listings gallery works on the stock wordpress gallery. We do not try to control the css for that. However, if you use one of our Gallery Plugins, then its guaranteed to be responsive. In fact, both the tab section and galleries are created via 3rd party javascript. Responsive capability was a big factor in deciding to integrate these technologies


We also provide a few wordpress themes. These themes provide templates which are designed to use the BePro Listings features. These themes are also mobile compatible providing transitions for, tablets, mobile phones and the typical desktop resolutions.


If you currently have a responsive theme or need a responsive directory theme, BePro Listings is your solution. Our elements are all built to be mobile compatible. This means that we integrate nicely with most responsive themes. You can also consider our $1 wordpress themes which work with BePro Listings and provide all of the features of typical themes

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