Since BePro Listings 2.1.14, you can setup “featured listings” via the “l_featured” option in the “display_listings” shortcode. This is the perfect way to highlight particular listings or categories of listings on your website. Note that this option comes with several aspects to consider.


By using the “l_featured” option in the “display_listings” shortcode, a few things happen

  • No Change – Currently, these listings wont change via ajax selections like search filter or category selections
  • Random – Unless you specify otherwise, these results are randomized
  • Style – A style is applied to the listings to differentiate them. Currently, this is done with a background color
  • No Paging – These results cannot be paged
  • Duplicate – Currently, you can only have one instance of most shortcodes on a page at one time. However, in this case, using the “l_featured” option, you can use the “display_listings” shortcode twice. One with the option and once without.

Please note that we recommend using the “type” option along with the “l_featured” option. That way, you specify which categories are featured. Here is an example of what a declaration can look like:

[display_listings type=2 l_featured=1 order_by=2 l_type='24,14' limit=2]


Creating and displaying featured listings is one of the easiest things you can do with the base free version of BePro Listings. No new shortcodes, simply specify the category you would like to feature.

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  1. tkd1

    Can individual listings be llisted as featured? would they show up on top of the listing page?

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