BePro Listings may seem simple to some, with its single shortcode “bl_all_in_one” packed full of features (google maps, search, categories, listings, etc). However, a quick look at our documentation will reveal that each feature has it own shortcode. You then notice the features all have options and our addons tie into them. At some point, you start noticing that you are at the tip of an iceberg .

In this article, we cover the general Architecture of BePro Listings. It will explain

  1. Why other Directory plugins cannot replicate our features
  2. Our efficiency, especially when listing numbers grow to hundreds of thousands
  3. The communication network which allow our addons to transform the entire experience


Don’t be locked down by popular “theme frameworks” and toolsets. Our codebase is extreamly flexible, inviting customizaion, extention, and unique mashups which simulate any Directory.

  1. Don’t like our gallery? Simply use another or interface with ours. Don’t like our video player… document reader… audio player… etc
  2. The listings and detail pages are templates. Yes, they can be rearanged, sections removed, and be completely restyled. Thats why you can use our plugin for so many different listing niches.
  3. Our addons all communicate. You can create a new addon which can communicate with them too. This facilitates extreamly unique combinations of layouts and features (mash ups).


We once had a customer swear that their favorite classifieds platform was dynamic, then it turns out it wasn’t at all. Think about it, BePro Listings does drastically different things depending on the values entered. How could anyone possibly do this dynamically and still have it be efficient?

Lets take the search feature as an example. Would you like your search values to be buried in a complex table referral system, requiring 3+ joins/requests to check 1 value? Or would you like the application to know exactly where information is stored with a one to one relationship to the listing ID. This is obviously a rhetorical question. We cover the details in our article Architecture build to scale


The fact of the matter, is that BePro Listings is built to scale. In order to do that, we did two things

  1. WordPress Hooks and Filters – These are fired during the page load. Our addons “hook” into them allowing them to perform in parallel
  2. Special Sauce – A medley of saved values and proceedures/rules around how to use them, means that addons can force new values onto other addons. Yes, it also blew our minds when we created it

Ultimately, this facilitates a scenario where Addons can deliver features and content to BePro Listings, while keeping all of the complexity to themselves. So each addon ties into BePro Listings the exact same way, but what they do outside of that, is up to them.


Everything in BePro Listings is a template. This allows us to literally replicate any type of directory. Each listing, detail page, search filter, etc can be manipulated by the addons. Yes, addons spider into all relevant features

So lets take search as an example again. With the communication network, we can search geographic and vehicle information at the same time. Remember, that information is stored in different places and has radically different search parameters. In fact, whats really happening is the BePro Listings is figuring out geography in relation to the listing ID. The vehicles addon is fired by a hook/filter and adds in the vehicle information related to the Listing ID


There is no competition for BePro Listings. If you are doing something small and simple, we provide a nice neat shortcode that does everything in one. For those that want a little customization, we have that for you too.

What really sets us apart from the competition is when developers want to tie in. That’s where we shine far beyond the competition. Our communication network does not exist anywhere else, we invented it. It allows developers to spider into each of our features, transforming the listing experience into anything. You would be surprised at the great Mashup Combinations that customers have been coming up with

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