You heard it right, BePro Software provides a few themes which work with BePro Listings and utilizes its features to create useful layouts. Our themes offer the same basic features as any other theme (menus, logos, background, etc). In fact, some are complete themes while others are child themes of free themes.

The difference with our themes, is our focus on showcasing the plugins we develop, and the modular architecture of our plugins. You select the features you want and buy them separately. So there is no catch or hidden agenda, if you like our $1 themes, consider buying our addons to achieve premium theme features. If you don’t like the plugins then keep the theme and do something else with it.


We offer a growing list of themes which are compatible with BePro Listings. Our themes each offer the typical features you would expect to find in a theme like, logo, background images etc. In addition, they all feature a home page which showcases several BePro listings features.

Our themes are a plug and play solution, circumventing issues typical when trying to integrate BePro Listings into 3rd party themes. In addition, some of our themes go as far as to support custom taxonomies like categories and tags. For $1 you get a lot. View the completely list of themes by clicking here.


If you like the plugins, you have several themes which you can easily switch to. We are always releasing new themes. No other listing focused plugin offers this type of affordable scaling. Remember, all while retaining the functionality, users, etc.

The benefits go the other way around too. Since the themes work 100% without our plugin installed, you are able to quickly switch to a different plugin or feature set altogether. As the internet evolves there is always a need for change. Our solution avoids the waste that occurs when a website theme can only work in one way. If for any reason you don’t want to use our plugin then keep the theme and re-purpose it


Our $1 one dollar themes facilitate the usual basic wordpress features e.g.

  • Dynamic Menu
  • Index page with posts
  • Blog page
  • Logo and background management


Some our of themes are complete premium themes. This means that they will replace any theme that you currently have activated. The perk of this approach is that you have a website which is responsive for mobile devices while also having our plugin integrated and styled.

Some of our one dollar wordpress themes are child themes. In that case, we will specify which theme is needed as the parent. Generally, this will be a free theme like one packaged with wordpress. Remember, the goal of these themes is to showcase the functionality of our plugins. We want to demonstrate that you can fit our plugins into any theme.

All themes we sell will come with multiple templates allowing you to utilize various layouts for your pages. They are also extendable with the various wordpress plugin addons that we sell. So they are fairly lite on features until you buy the addons. This modular approach is what sets our $1 wordpress themes apart. Instead of forcing you to buy features you don’t need, we offer them separately.


Some of our themes are complete themes. These themes will have an option page under the themes menu in the admin. These themes will also offer the same options under the customize menu in the admin.

All child themes will be managed by their parent theme. In some cases, there is an extra admin menu for configuration of the templates. If this is the case, it will be mentioned on the theme’s description page in our online store.


If you are interested in a cost effective mobile responsive theme, consider purchasing one of our $1 one dollar wordpress themes. They have the same basic features as any other theme and offer the ability to expand functionality when ready with our plugins and addons.

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