If you are frustrated with the progress of Cubepoints, we have a major option for you to consider. Now with WooCube Pro, you can accept, skrill, paypal, authorize.net, bitcoin, and an assortment of other payment solution for Cubepoints


WooCube, like the name suggests, facilitates this new payment feature through integration with the Woocommerce plugin. This intregration facilitates new features like:

  • Cubepoints conversion rates
  • Specify which products reward customers with points after purchase. You also specify how much

This means that you are able to use any of the woocommerce payment addons to accept currency for points on your website.


You can create a product, exclude it from being purchased with points (if you like), and set how many points it will reward the user with after purchase. Remember, with woocommerce, you set how much each product is. That means you can charge $1000 for 2 points if you wanted. Points are awarded only after confirmed payment through woocommerce.

This is a major alternative to the stock paypal solution packaged with cubepoints. This allows your users to select how many points they want to but. For some, this is the best choice. For others, you want to get the user invested in your website. Having them commit to 20,30, or more points can be a very strong factor in keeping users active


If you are a website owner running cubepoints, and you need something more than the simple paypal option packaged with cubepoints, then we have the best solution possible. WooCube takes cubepoints so much further in terms of flexibility.

Date: Cubepoints Payment Gateway was last modified: February 15th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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