If you would like to post and share your photos on the WordPress CMS, you need to check out our BePro Listings Galleries plugin. Built on the great foundation of BePro Listings, this combination allows you to do a lot of things with images


There are two major ways to manage images with BePro Listings Galleries. The first option is on the listing page itself. You are allowed to pick between the following options for featuring your images

  • Simple slider
  • Slider with image paging
  • Ticker

There is also the concept of showcasing several galleries at the same time. These can also be depicted in the ways described above. More importantly, you can use the BePro Listings list types to allow people to search, page, and organize your photo galleries. More about that is covered next.


Photos and Galleries are only useful when people can find them. With BePro Listings, we make that process super easy. Each photo is attached to a listing. Each listing can be searched, filtered and categorized.

We offer 2 stock listing types with the base BePro Listings plugin. The Galleries addon adds another 4 listing types to your list of selections. Remember, this is in addition to the fact that you can list info in, sliders, tickers, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed, we have barely told you half of the plugin’s features


We feature various slider options for depicting a specific gallery or group of galleries. These slider options are responsive for mobile devices which increases the reach of your audience. We offer various admin options like images opening in a lightbox and which gallery type to use on product pages.

The sliders are great because they work on the product page as well as anywhere else you want to implement them. This is possible because of the admin setting and the fact that the plugin features several wordpress shortcodes. Place the required shortcode on any page or post, enter the options you need, and that’s it.


There are several gallery management solutions available for wordpress. Most are very limited in features. BePro Listings has lots of features and an entire addon dedicated just to photo and gallery management. This plugins fullfils all of your gallery and image management needs. What really sets it apart is its options to add a lot more than just image management features.

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