BePro Listings stores and retries all of its media from wordpress. Not all plugins store media in this way. There are several benefits to this approach including:

  • Familiar process with tons of tutorials
  • The ability to use other plugins which work from the same medium
  • If you remove bepro listings, you still have all of your media

There are also downfalls of this approach. For example, wordpress does not do a good job of showing which images are attached. So we provide a meta box while editing listings, which allows you to view, add and delete the images.


Unlike images, for attached documents we have to rely on the stock wordpress media manager which can easily seem tricky for new users. This is because, media needs to be attached specifically to the listing for it to be recognized. This is different to simply adding an image to the post.

Once you successfully attach a media item to BePro Listings page, the plugin does the rest. It looks through all attachments to see if any match our capabilities (videos, audio, document files). If they do, we place a link in the respective tab.


In its stock form, wordpress only allows you to attach a media item to a particular post/page. In fact, the first place you attach it, is the only place its attached. This is true, even if you add it to other posts. Remember, the concept is “Attaching” and with wordpress, adding a file for our purposes, isn’t attaching it. We recommend using one of the media attachment plugins available on


BePro Listings makes it easy to stick with the stock wordpress media manager. There are tons of benefits to this approach. Ultimately, there is still a learning curve for new users. With some guidance and a helper plugin, media management with BePro Listings is easy

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