Gutenburg – What Are Blocks?

The gutenburg wordpress page builder utilizes a concept known as blocks, for you to interact with the elements that make up your website. This video is a continuation in our Gutenburg page builder video series and focuses on this concept. We also touch on the unique scenario of a post being created before the upgrade……...

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Intro to the Gutenburg Page Builder

Since WordPress 5.0, the gutenburg page builder has been included by default. Its goal is to simplify the website building process for all WordPress users. This video tutorial series is focused on this page builder and its features. We will update the videos over time as the plugin gains new features…. This content is for…...

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WordPress Development Series

As the name suggests, this series focuses on Developers who would like to learn or extend their knowledge on wordpress. We focus on various subjects which will help you to customize wordpress installations and create your own solutions. Topics covered include the, wordpress api, plugins and themes. WHAT TO EXPECT In this series we hope…

Examine css with Google dev tools

In this post created for developers, designers and other techies, we talk about how to view the css that’s targeting an html element. This is a really good tutorial for anyone who intends to do front end development. There are different tools depending on the browser you use, which can help you to view the……...

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