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How To Create A $30,000 – $50,000 Per Month Business (Or More) With FB Ads Starting With A $5-$10/Day Budget

If You Want To Get More Prospects, Close More Buyers And Scale Your Business, Then This Is Going To Be The Most Important Course You’ll Take!

Dear Friend,

As you may already know you need to be on Facebook if you want to generate more Customers or Clients as almost all your potential buyers are hanging out in the same place.

However, have you been getting the results that you want? Maybe you have started a Fan Page, received some likes, posted some content, but you do not know what the next cause of action is. Maybe you have invested a sum of money through FB advertising, but you have not been seeing the returns. Perhaps you are uncertain, confused, frustrated…

There is a lot more to marketing on FB than just raking up a bunch of ‘likes’ and ‘boosting posts’ (don’t do these, by the way – they don’t convert into sales)

Course outline is regularly ranked top 5 most visited websites online today according to Welcome to our 16 part video tutorial on creating and managing ads on the FB platform.

You are right, there are multiple types of Facebook accounts that are needed for this to work.

You wont be able to put ads live on Facebook without a valid payment method. If your payment method expires or rejects payments, your ads will stop.

This is your opportunity to tweak a few important aspects of how your account works. This is video #4

you can use a pre-existing FB page. Agencies will have to get access granted to someone’s page. Alternatively, create a new page. This is the last step before we start creating ads.

It took a lot of setup to get to this point. However, we are finally talking about managing ads. This topic actually has a part 1 and 2, where this is part 1, and the focus is on lead generation. This is video #6

This topic actually has a part 1 and 2, where this is part 2, and the focus is on e-commerce. This is video #7

Pixels are for tracking and I that’s an important topic for anyone spending money on ads. We are at video #8

As we are WordPress experts here at, it only makes sense that we show you how to add the pixel to WordPress. So in this episode, we will do just that

Adding a lead even code snippet to your page is a great way to extend the level of details you are capturing with your tracking. Welcome to the 10th video in our FB AD Secrets Video Tutorial Series.

 If you are experiencing issues with your Facebook pixel, then this is the best tool available to help you to diagnose the issue

So let’s jump into how you write your ad creatives. This is video number 12 in the series

Now we are getting into some ad management details. We are now at video number 13 in the 16 part tutorial series.

We are now at video number 14. At this point, you know how to create Facebook Ads and deploy them. Now you should understand your objectives to better plan campaigns

You can definitely use your own tools. However, for those that don’t have the software of processor power to edit videos, this is a great option.

 As with anything online, its always a great idea to do A/B testing. This is your opportunity to do this within the content of Facebook ads

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