The form builder offers two ways of tracking and separating listings. For one, you can restrict which category a form is allowed to submit to. Secondly, each form submission is tracked and always related to the form which created it. When it comes to search results, the plugin has no way of knowing which information you would like to show. This post will help you to set that up.


If you have setup front end forms to retrieve, real estate, vehicle, pets and other information, you probably want to separate that information for the viewer. You can create specific pages for each directory type and force users to search information retrieved from a particular form.

You can do this with the google maps and result listings shortcodes. In the following example, the map and listings are restricted to those submitted via form 2.

[generate_map bl_form_id=2]
[display_listings bl_form_id=2]

Figuring out the form id is the easiest part. Its available while viewing the list of available forms in the admin. Its the first column of information with a shortcode example you can use right away.


When editing the category form field, you are able to select various options including, Parent, Required and Exclude. This overrides the BePro Listing admin settings for this form element. Ultimately, this means that you control which categories each form is allowed to submit to.

BePro Listings provides options for limiting listings by their category. So for example, lets assume we have a category named “Apartment” with an ID of 34. Lets also assume that we required all submissions from a particular form (“Form_1”), to submit to this category. We could simply showcase listings only from the “Apartment” category which means they came from (“Form_1″)

[generate_map l_type=”34″]
[display_listings l_type=”34”]


With the BePro Listings form builder, you can collect custom information. Since there is no limit to the amount of forms, this facilitates the ability to run multiple directory types on the same website simultaneously. If you would like to separate those listings, relevant to the form that created them, we make that easy.

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