Users can search through whats available on the front end, like they do with current BePro Listings content. Our Bookings addon introduces new search filters depending on your selection to manage weekly or yearly availability. This is a great way to show users what events of staff are available in the time frames they are most interested in.


When a year schedule system implemented, the search filters focus on specific dates. This is ideal for events that only occur a few times or sporadically. This helps users to filter out the events outside of their timeframe of interest

Users searching can choose a start time and an end time. Both are needed before the system will attempt to calculate availability. The search results show actual availability, so events on that date that are SOLD OUT, will not show up in these results


For those that prefer to setup a weekly schedule system, the search filters focus on the days of the week. This is ideal for service based businesses like, dentist, hair dressers, etc. This approach is typical for this type of business, allowing you to easily enter recurring weekly availability. The results show actual availability for a specific date

On the frontend, users will be able to select a day of the week and the time of the day. All options are needed before the system will begin calculating. This really gives a user the ability to drill down to an exact time in the week that makes sense for them and you are available. From there, they can go to the listings page to see specifically, which date they can schedule


Our Bookings addon allows you to select a calendar widget. You can show it next to search results or on detail pages. The dates available on the calendar, change to reflect the availability relevant to the page it is on. To use the widget, visit Appearance -> widgets via the wordpress admin

If the calendar is on a page with search results, it will showcase dates that are available for the search results. Alternatively, if the calendar is on the page with the details, it will only show availability for the page its on.


Regardless of how you do business, the Bookings addon for BePro Listings allows you to facilitate search for users on the frontend. Now users can search through the availability of your events or staff and find the listings that match their timeframe of interest

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