Adding bookings to your wordpress directory is easy with this addon for BePro Listings. Simply install this plugin and begin entering availability. Configure the options to fit your business and begin receiving reservations.


In the admin, you navigate to the BePro Listings->Addons menu. There you will find a bookings tab. Choose between various options including, preventing overlaps, intervals, etc. This type of control is important for creating an experience which matches how you do business

One of the major options to consider is to setup a weekly or yearly scheduling system. Each will appeal to different types of businesses. Depending on that selection, users are able to search and filter through your availability via the BePro Listings front end interface.


View all bookings that have been captured from the front end, in the admin. This menu will be available under the BePro Listings menu option. There you will see important info like, which listing accepted the booking various appointment details (name, email, etc).

Availability is managed while editing listings. You will have a section at the bottom of the page where you can setup which times you would like to accept reservations. Enter as many time blocks as necessary to describe your availability.

When it comes to staff managing availability, they can do so from the front end in their profile. This extends the front end management features of BePro Listings.


As you would expect, this product works with BePro Email. At activation, it adds 3 emails to the plugin including, initial, reshedule, and delete confirmations. This makes it extremely easy for you to edit the emails from the BePro Email interface.


If interested in adding Bookings to your BePro Listings Directory experience, this is a great way to implement that feature. Install the plugin, configure the options and begin entering availability.

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