BePro Listings is a great front end upload plugin. It comes with a customizable frontend form with pre-made form fields. Many of these fields can be removed in groups (cost, contact, georaphy, etc), via options in the admin. However sometimes, your website requires that the form field labels be renamed or some form fields removed altogether. This article discusses how you would utilize the Form Builder to manage these stock BePro Listings fields


The Form Builder allows you to add or remove the same groups of fields available in the BePro Listings plugin. This makes it really easy to simply change the labels if that was your original goal.

These groups of fields are easy to recognize with names like “address” and “contact”. Simply drag and drop the fields into the Form Editor then begin making changes. Rearrange fields, rename their labels, etc.

The groups are obviously a shortcut. You are looking at a Form Builder. There is nothing stopping you from recreating the groups yourself be selecting the individual fields which make up that group. Simply keep in mind that these fields must be linked somehow, and that’s where the “field names” come in


The end user sees labels, they never see “field names”. These “field names” are hidden in the html and allow the underlying server code to recognize that a field has a particular purpose. So for example, if you wanted one of your fields to create the title of the listing, its “field name” must be “item_name”. Its label can be whatever you want e.g. (title, name, subject, nobre, titre, Título) etc.

If you do not name the “field names” correctly, the form builder will attempt to save the value. However ultimately, BePro Listings is expecting specific fields to be sent and when they are not, the form submission is rejected and the user is notified

So now, you know about the Form Fields, note the following field names

  • item_name – name of your listing. This is required
  • content – Listing description
  • categories[] – Must be an integer. Can be coma separated
  • first_name – first name for contact
  • last_name – last name for contact
  • cost – cost for listing
  • email – email for contact
  • website – website link for listing
  • address_line1 – street address for listing
  • city – city of listing
  • postcode – postal code for listing
  • state – state of listing
  • country – country of listing
  • phone – phone number of contact
  • lat – latitude information for listing
  • lon – longitude information for listing
  • photo – photo url. Only (1) allowed


You can completely edit, recreate or remove stock BePro Listings form fields using the Form Builder. This allows you complete flexibility for editing the language and order of form fields. However note, when editing fields that are native to BePro Listings, you must remember to keep the field names correct or they will not be recognized by the plugin.

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