Most of the BePro Points plugin works behind the scenes or in the wordpress admin. Shortcodes provide a way to help you engage users in the gamification experience on the front end.  If you are new to the concept of wordpress and shortcodes, check out the wordpress documentation



The wordpress cms allows you to mix unique strings with your content. These unique strings trigger features. The features that are triggered are dictated to the plugins or php functions which created the unique strings

You see, wordpress created the possibility to use these unique strings. The plugins decide exactly what that string is, and what reactions happen, when its encountered on a blog page or in a post. It could be anything from creating a gallery to inputting a tracking code. The only thing that wordpress requires, is that shortcodes always start with a left bracket “[“ and end with a right one “]”. The sting in-between is up to the plugin / function developers

BePro Points Shortcodes

[ bepro_points ] – Show points history for logged in user

  • user – accepts “user login” and shows that specific user’s records

[ bepro_points_top ] – Show list of top users

  • num – How many to list
  • class – css class
  • style – custom css code
  • display – options for showcasing the list including
    • custom
    • ol
    • table
    • ul – default

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