Use our visual form builder to create front end forms for the wordpress directory plugin BePro Listings. The drag and drop interface is intuitive and provides over 18 form fields for you to choose from. With the various addons offered by BePro Listings, you can configure the front end form to upload, images, videos, documents, and so much more


The whole point of a form builder is to be easy to use. This form builder meets that definition. Drag the form fields from the left pane, into the demo area on the right. Click the items on the right, to replace the field selections with options for the clicked field. Click the “Add Fields” tab to return the left pane to showcasing field options

Apart from setup and option, the interface also allows you to reorder form fields. Place them in the priority that makes the most sense for your needs. Note that the information will then show up with the information you specify on the form and the details page. That’s right, every submission creates a front end page


Unlike other Form Builders, the information captured by BePro Listings is searchable and filterable by visitors on the front end. BePro listings manages several great features, changing the submitted content into useful visuals.

For example, images that are uploaded become galleries. Addresses that are entered become google maps with icons. Showcasing this information is completely up to you and how you configure BePro Listings. The major feature here, is that the information does not just stay in a worthless table with just title searches. Your information becomes so much more with this setup


Don’t be fooled by imitators that create things called “taxonomies” with the uploaded data. Don’t waste your time with form builders that capture the information but do nothing with it. BePro Listings transforms the submitted information into useful site content that helps with SEO

Remember, BePro Listings is one of the best Front End Submission Plugins available for WordPress. With this form builder, you extend on the already great features which create Real Estate, Vehicles, Classifieds and other related websites. This is a real opportunity to customize the submission experience to facilitate your needs


If you would like to capture user submissions, there are various options available. With BePro Listings Form Builder, the submitted information becomes searchable and filterable via website visitors. Addresses become google maps, uploaded images become galleries. Don’t waste user submissions by storing them in a worthless admin table. Allow your submissions to help you increase seo and unique content

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