During are recent upgrade of BePro Listings, we released a file with utf-8 encoding. This has caused errors that require ftp access to upgrade the plugin and fix the issue. This fix should take seconds with ftp access


In an attempt to expand the multi-lingual capabilities of BePro Listings, our team explored our utilization of utf-8. During that testing, a file was changed to that encoding and committed with genuine upgrades to the file. Our internal release checks failed, allowing the file to be published for you to download.

During testing this morning, our team unconvered the issue and immediately published a fix. The entire time between version was less than 8 hours. However, we are very much aware that several copies of this version was downloaded.


Ultimately, if you have not yet upgraded, or you are on 2.1.51, then this issue does not and will not affect you. Unfortunately, for those few hundred that did get a copy, you will need to access your website/server via FTP to fix the issue. You can either

A) Delete the BePro Listings folder in your plugins directory. This will cause you to regain control of the admin area. You can then re-install the plugin with no information loss
B) Download the new version of BePro Listings to your hard drive and Replace the bepro_listings_profile.php file on your server. Again, no information loss

The zip file for the plugin can be downloaded by going to wordpress.org/plugins/bepro-listings/ or by clicking here for the zip file.

If new to FTP, you can access the files on your server by logging into your server admin (cpanel, vdeck, etc). The option will probably be named “File Manager”. You will need to navigate the folders to wp-content/plugins/bepro-listings.

For those interested in using the ftp client approach, we recommend using a free and popular ftp client like Filezilla. They provide great documentation on how to use their product here


The fix should take seconds for a anyone with even a novice knowledge of ftp. If you encounter any issues with this fix, please reach out in our forums. Our developers will step you through any questions you may have.

Our team is standing by to help any and all of our subscribing customers 100% for free. Simply contact us via our [email protected] email with sever login information and the subject line, “Please fix 2.1.5” followed by your screen name on beprosoftware.com.


We are constantly refining our internal policies towards releasing code. We run copies of BePro Listings also so downtime for the plugin is unacceptable for our company. Rest assured that more stringent tests will be applied to releases before they are published.

With that said, software development is inherently subject to unexpected bugs and flaws. We can only guarantee our commitment to having a functioning product


A version of BePro Listings was released overnight with a major error. Our team has released a new version to fix the issue; However, it will require FTP access. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on policies to eliminate this type of issue in future releases.

Date: Fix for BePro Listings 2.1.5 was last modified: October 7th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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