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Now you can use Cubepoints with one of the most popular job management plugins available WP Job Manager. Charge applicants and or charge job posters, you choose. This is the perfect way to add gamification to your wordpress website or simply a new way of charging users


This plugin is available for free to all of our paying members. Checkout our subscription options to take advantage of great discounts and free products TODAY!


We created a few options within the cubepoints configuration menu so that you can control how this plugin works. Features include:

  • Charge user to post
  • Charge user to apply
  • Show message on job submission form
  • Show message on applicants to have to pay
  • Show message to job posters with insufficient funds
  • Show message to job applicants with insufficient funds
  • Show message to logged out applicants when payment is required


You will need the following to use this plugin:

Once these are installed, then you can install this plugin. Simply copy the single file to the cubepoints/modules directory. NOTE: Do not upload this plugin to the wordpress plugins area, it won’t work.


There is the obvious question of where users will acquire points. We recommend using our WooCube Pro plugins. It allows users to purchase points through the free wooocommerce plugin.

There is the added need of an extra plugin (woocommerce). However, this plugin is stable and easy to use for the purpose of facilitating customer purchases of points.


Its finally here, an easy way to use gamification with your Job board. Charge users to post jobs or charge them to apply using your own point system. Charge users whatever amount of points you want.

Date: WP Job Manager Cubepoints was last modified: January 8th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com


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