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BePro Listings is a great plugin for creating a listings focused website (directory, classifieds, product catalog, etc) on the WordPress CMS platform. We offer packages so that customers can achieve discounts on purchasing our products separately.

BePro Listings FreePackage

Each package features a unique combination of, site install licencesplugins, and themes. This package includes the following


This package provides users with an opportunity to test the BePro Listings platform. Many features packaged including, google maps, front end submissions, and more. You are also able to generate income via PayPal payments. This addons found in this package can also be found in other packages.

  • A) Those interested in testing the platform
  • B) Any user who would like to make money online via a directory
  • C) Those with simple needs covered by the base functionality


This is a perfect package for those interested in building a website on the BePro Listings platform. You get an assortment of feature enhancements as well as look/feel upgrades. This is recommended for most users.

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